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African Dwarf frogs are completely aquatic, and they can live in a heated fish tank! 


Although African Dwarf frogs appreciate some frozen and thawed, or live bloodworms every now and then, you don't have to worry about feeding them live foods all the time! 


African Dwarf frogs can make your dreams of having a frog come true, with out making the nightmare of crickets running rampant all over the house come true at the same time. 

What do African Dwarf Frogs Eat


Unfortunately, even though African Dwarf frogs are aquatic, they should not eat fish food! 

You can feed your frog with Zoo Med Aquatic Frog & Tadpole Food which are softer than normal fish pellets, to minimize the risk of impaction.

Although I'm not sure that the brand of food makes a difference, it is important to feed your frogs frog and tadpole bites, and not fish food. 

Flake fish food doesn't provide enough nutrition, and harder pellets can cause impactions, which can lead to death 


African Dwarf frogs have poor eyesight, so they have to hunt for the food - it is important to make sure that they are getting enough food, and that if there are other fish, or frogs, in the tank, they aren't getting the food before the African Dwarf frogs are getting their food. 

African Dwarf Frogs and Fish Food 


I have never seen my African Dwarf Frogs eat fish flakes when they were provided with a quality frog food. 

Also read what do frogs eat?

Sure frogs might eat fish food if that's all there is to eat. 


People have been known to eat all sorts of things that aren't good for them, and that they wouldn't normally eat when they had no other choice, but that doesn't mean that they will thrive if they only eat that. 


If there are other foods in the tank the ADF's may be getting enough to survive. 


Even if you are feeding fish pellets, the pellets aren't as soft as frog bites, and they may cause impactions. 


They also aren't as nutritionally balanced as food that is specifically formulated for frogs. 


African Dwarf Frog Care 

Each ADF should have at least 1 gallon of water.  

That means if you have 2 ADF's they should have a 2 gallon tank, 10 ADF's should have a 10 gallon tank, and so on. 


ADF's should have a temperature of 75-80F. 

Slightly higher or lower temperatures ok if your frogs doesn't mind them, but keep an eye on them - if the temp is too high or too low the first warning you might find is a dead frog. 

Although you can find info that African Dwarf Frogs would do fine in an unheated tank I would still recommend to keep them in heated tanks, as people have reported that frogs they kept in unheated tanks died after a few months.


Water should be changed once a week, using water the same temperature as the old water. 

A water conditioner should be used each time water is changed . 

You have to clean the tank! 

It doesn't matter what anyone else told you. 

African Dwarf Frogs are live animals, and when you have live animals, they make messes, and the messes have to be cleaned up. 


That means you have to clean their tanks, on a regular basis, depending on their tank size. 


For tanks smaller than 5 gallons, water should be partially changed at least once a week. If you're using something 1 gallon or smaller, which you really shouldn't be doing since frogs need space, you need to change the water every 3-4 days. 


If the water looks dirty, change it! 


It doesn't matter what anyone else says. 


Water must be changed on a regular basis. 


Sure, if you have a 20 gallon or larger tank, that isn't overstocked you might be able to get away with changing the water once a month, but it's not likely with a smaller tank. 


You wouldn't like to live in a place that hadn't been cleaned in 2 months, so don't expect your frog to live like that. 


Water should be treated with a water conditioner (Buy Prime) to get any chlorine and other chemicals that should hurt the frogs out before it's added to the tank. 


Some people are being told that they are buying an ecosystem with a snail that will clean the waste. 


The snails may eat leftover food, but they still make waste, and lets face it, you couldn't survive by eating your own waste, so why should you expect your pets too. 


If you have pets, you have to clean up after them - that's just a fact of life. 


Be a responsible pet owner, and take care of your frogs (and snail, as the case may be) and they'll have long happy lives. 


If you don't, then they'll die.